Gold Package


  • Manufacturer Lifetime Material, Labor, and 25 Year Workmanship

Debris Removal

  • Equipter Debris Removal (no container in driveway)

Leak Barrier (Ice Guard)

  • Ice and water shield at all gutter edges, rake edges, valley’s, sidewall junctions, chimney’s, skylights, vent pipes, hip and ridge lines.
  • Enhanced double ply method at gutter edge, valley’s and sidewall junctions.
  • High Temperature ice and water detail under all valley and perimeter metals.

Wood Deck Protection

  • Synthetic Underlayment Deck Protection

Flashing System

  • 16 oz. copper or .040 Kynar finish aluminum flashing package.

Shingle Options

  • Enhanced self- sealed starter shingles at the gutter and outside rake edge.
  • Luxury or designer shingle line.
  • Enhanced hip and ridge cap shingles.

Ventilation System

  • Completely vented vinyl or aluminum soffit system and new fascia metal.
  • Complete baffled shingle over ridge vent system.
*** Please note that these are guidelines for systems and items can be mixed and matched to accommodate each individuals home.  Our Roofing Decider will walk you through each step and allow you the chance to build your own roof the way you want it.